Learn How To Be A Good Manager From Your Manager

In all these years I have never come across a single person who has said that I have got a great boss. Well, it is like a law of nature where every single subordinate has some or the other complain about their boss or manager. Believe it or not but it is just like a typical Daughter-in-Law and Mother-in-Law kind relationship where the MIL feels that the DIL has got much better and cooler MIL in compare to the MIL she got and the DIL feels that no matter what she does, it is never enough for the MIL. She never appreciates me, never trust me with full responsibility and always criticize me for silly things. It is a sweet & sour relationship where both need each other but at the same time feels more hardworking & important than the other.  Similarly, every subordinate feels that he or she is doing a lot but the boss is always complaining while the boss feels that the subordinates have no idea how much effort he or she has put in to reach this position and their current job role i…

Key Things I Learned In My Last Trip

Let me tell you a secret. I love to travel. I am passionate about travelling and every time I travel, I prefer to visit some new place. With this hectic work routine we usually get bored after a while and then we all crave for a break, at least that's the case with me. Every other month I want to go on trip and on this break we seek wonderful time with our loved ones but do we really enjoy this break at its fullest? 
Going on Trips during vacation is nothing new. Its like going on since ages. Remember how our parents used to take us on holidays during our summer & winter breaks and now we do the same. The moment we find out that a long weekend is coming we pack our bags & plan a trip. But one thing which has been changed with time is our addiction to our cell phones. We are so addicted to our phones that even when we are on a vacation we can't keep our hands off our phone and after every 10-15 mins we take it out to check the FB notifications or mails or Insta updates…

Sometimes the best Travel Plan is NO Plan

In this tech savvy world we do alot of homework before coming up with our final plan. It is same for travel as well. We search many sites, consider so many reviews and then plan our travel with every minute details and try hard to stick on the right schedule. But have it ever occurred to you that rather than having a perfect travel plan let's just pack your bag without thinking much about your travel destination and just leave to witness an unforgettable adventure. 
Sometimes it is better to not have a travel plan and go with the flow. Here are few reasons which proves that these instantaneous trips are way cooler than any planned trip.
1. No expectation is equal to Delight When we do lot of thesis we create an image in our mind that by doing these things our trip will be perfect. We create a list of things in our mind which we want to enjoy but most of the time because of one or the other reason it just never happens. No matter how hard we try but somehow we miss something and l…

Why hardworking employees feel depressed at the Job they love?

Did you know that according to ASSOCHAM 42.5% of Corporate Employees in India suffers from depression? You can say that most of them can't handle the work pressure or not on the job they love etc. But what about those people who really love their job but still end up quitting it. Do you know the main reason behind this is lack of RIGHT AMOUNT of Appreciation? Yes, it is not just the appreciation but the right amount of appreciation which they miss. 

Let me tell you a story to make it more clear.

Once upon a time, there was a merchant who had two Donkeys, Careful & Carefree. 

Every morning the merchant used to take both his donkeys with him putting two bundles of clothes on each of them to the city to sell. And if the merchant ends up doing good business, he used to treat his donkeys with one apple. Later in the evening, he used to return home putting the equal amount of leftover clothes on each of them.

While Careful was very hardworking, simple & dedicated towards his work, b…

5 Last minute holiday gateways from Delhi

We people working in metropolitan cities live our live with a speed of 6G. No wonder we are always short of time & need everything last minute. Last minute presentation, food, movie & even our holidays.
So to ease your last minute travel plan pain, here is a list of 5 places which you can plan last minute with your friends or family for 2-3 days. Although these places are quite accessible via road but they are also well connected with railway network too. Also if you don't have your own conveyance then you can always go for bus. Since these places are quite near, there are N no. of buses running on these routes daily taking 5-7 hrs time. So its up to you whether you wana drive or wana take bus or train, all options are open. 
Sometimes when we are exhausted from our hectic daily work routine and desperately look for a break, either we search for a holiday in hills or look forward to enjoy on a beach and if not these things then just relaxation at a…

Rishikesh - A perfect gateway from Delhi under Rs.4000

If you are a youngster living in Delhi-NCR area, tired from your hectic office schedule & looking for a perfect weekend gateway under nominal budget then don't look any further because Rishikesh is the answer for your prayers...:) If you will plan your trip properly you can get it done under 4000 Rs only.
Trust me it is beyond explanation when you are surrounded by the breathtaking views of hills on one side & marvelous Ganga on the other. In that moment of peace & solace you will forget your work pressure completely and the bonus is you will have your friends with you to enjoy various adventure activities which can be covered in a weekend time only. 
Here is a budget itinerary one can follow for their perfect weekend with friends or family.
Day 1 or Saturday: Leave early morning. You can either take bus to Rishikesh or can opt for your own vehicle. If you are a group of 4-5 people and travelling by your own car then also you will end up paying 700-800 Rs per person. If y…